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Subject [Bug 58789] header set multiple htaccess
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2016 18:36:29 GMT

--- Comment #30 from Eric Covener <> ---
(In reply to gilperon from comment #29)
> Hi Mr. Luca,
> I read only the Apache 2.2 documentation (but I am usinh 2.4, I didnt know
> 2.4 documentation was already available). I also tried to get help from
> stackoverflow community and they told me to report this as a bug, so I did!
> I think apache should make it a lot clearer what rules from htaccess are
> processed first and what are later. Maybe apache should say what order the
> htaccess directives are processed. Mod_rewirte I know are processed way
> after <filesmatch> even if I put all mod_rewrite rules at the top of
> htaccess the <filesmatch> rules will be processed first. To me this should
> be a bug or a misconception of how it works, but Apache should  correct this
> bug OR make it a lot clearer which order things are executed by Apache cause
> I manage webserver for about 6 years and never had heard of the order of the
> apache directives.

The misconception here, that the sections.html could address is the contrasting
of how _configuration_ is merged (sections.html) separately from how modules
operate on the net result of the merged configuration.

We also need an example that emphasizes that the current sections.html info
results in a configuration of "foo2" for the module to eventually act upon (and
to note htaccess/<directory> equivalence.

# foo is merged with foo3, resulting in foo3
# output of previous merge, foo3 is merged with foo2, resulting in foo2
<Directory />
DirectiveWhichIsOverriddenWhenReused foo
<files *>
DirectiveWhichIsOverriddenWhenReused foo2

<Directory /var/www>
DirectiveWhichIsOverriddenWhenReused foo3

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