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From Luca Toscano <>
Subject Proposal for a new mod_event documentation page
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 14:32:20 GMT
+dev for visibility
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Da: "Luca Toscano" <>
Data: 06 feb 2016 15:10
Oggetto: Proposal for a new mod_event documentation page
A: <>

Hi Apache Devs!

I started an email thread some days ago on the dev mailing list to gather
information about mod_event, getting tons of interesting things to read. I
attached to this email a draft of how the new page should look like in my
opinion, please let me know your thoughts!

Notes about the changes:

- clear statement that event shares all the configuration directives with
worker, together with the fact that the number of threads is regulated by
processes multiplied by threads per child.

- explanation of the new async connections fields in mod_status.

- tried to add all the information about keep alives, writing and closing
connections that I've gathered so far. I added a disclaimer for the writing
ones and a big section called "limitations", but I have probably failed to
describe all the closing ones (not only lingering closes I suppose, but I
wasn't sure).

- clear logic connection between how it works and the
"AsyncRequestWorkerFactor" directive section (I am referring to the
sentence "The event MPM handles some connections in an asynchronous way").

Apologies for technical inaccuracies and/or typos!


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