I will answer your questions as follow:

On 15 January 2016 at 10:44, Lucien Gentis <lucien.gentis@univ-lorraine.fr> wrote:
Hello Luis,

I am Lucien Gentis, working on french translation project.

fr.xml file headers are the same as those of es.xml

I noticed that if we edit xml files in UTF8 encoding, we don't need to use HTML entities ; accented characters can be written directly, and they are displayed in HTML files with encoding specified in lang file header (for example ISO-8859-1 for es.xml, UTF-8 for ja.xml, EUC-KR for ko.xml).

Points to verify :

--- What character encoding do you use in your text editor and what text editor do you use ?

    For me : vim-gtk, UTF8 encoding
Im Using UTF-8 in my system and Text editor.
--- What charset did you specified in your es.xml when you changed it ?
I changed to UTF-8
--- You say "i have tried  yesterday to change the charset of the /style/lang/es.xml to see  if it generates the html" : what html file do you mean ?
The both fils i had submitted to the doc mail list, the index.html.es and the custom-error.html.es, but i have noticed that i have to first update the style in es
--- When you display generated HTML file (a httpd doc manual page, I suppose), what browser do you use, and what character encoding does it detect ?
Im using Firefox (Iceweasel for be more precise)
    For me : Firefox or IE : character encoding specified in lang file header is automatically detected.


Le 15/01/2016 06:42, Luis Gil a écrit :
I was wondering, how could we work with the accents and not with the html code of them, i have tried  yesterday to change the charset of the /style/lang/es.xml to see  if it generates the html, it does but at the time to open the html file in the browser, it gives me the autogenerated code and no html page like it should be, so i changed it back to what it was at the beginning, but still the same issue.
I would appreciate any light in this that i´m getting confused.
Thank you in advance.

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