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Subject [Bug 58872] Update lang/es.xml
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 17:52:06 GMT

Luigy <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Luigy <> ---
Comment on attachment 33447
style lang es update

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "../lang.dtd">
<!-- English revision: 106753 -->

 Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
 contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
 this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
 The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at

 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 limitations under the License.

<language id="es">

        <lang>0xC0A Spanish (International)</lang>
        <settings>Spanish (Spain), sorting order: international</settings>

    <!-- Some strings might be used in other contexts, than stated in the -->
    <!-- comments...                                                      -->
        <!-- language link titles -->
        <message id="nativename">Español</message>

        <!-- Used for the moduleindex -->
        <message id="corefeatures">Funcionalidad Básica y Módulos
            de MultiProcesamiento (MPM)</message>
        <message id="othermodules">Otros Módulos</message>
        <message id="obsoletemodules">Módulos Obsoletos</message>

        <!-- Used for the modulesynopsis and sitemap -->
        <message id="obsoleteapachemodule">Módulos Obsoletos de
        <message id="apachemodule">Módulo Apache</message>
        <message id="apachecore">Funcionalidad Básica de Apache</message>
        <message id="apachempmcommon">Directivas Comunes de los MPM de
        <message id="apachempm">MPM de Apache</message>

        <!-- Used in description box for modulesynopsis -->
        <message id="description">Descripción</message>
        <message id="seealso">Consulte también</message>
        <message id="topics">Temas</message>
        <message id="status">Estado</message>
        <message id="moduleidentifier">Identificador de Módulos</message>
        <message id="sourcefile">Fichero de Código Fuente</message>
        <message id="compatibility">Compatibilidad</message>

        <!-- Used in manualpage -->
        <message id="relatedmodules">Módulos Relacionados</message>
        <message id="relateddirectives">Directivas Relacionadas</message>
        <message id="lowercase">abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz</message>
        <message id="uppercase">ABCDEFGHIJKLMNÑOPQRSTUVWXYZ</message>
        <message id="name-section">Nombre</message>
        <message id="hyphenation">Cesura</message>

        <!-- Used in description box for directives -->
        <message id="syntax">Sintaxis</message>
        <message id="default">Valor por defecto</message>
        <message id="context">Contexto</message>
        <message id="override">Anula</message>
        <message id="status">Estado</message>
        <message id="module">Módulo</message>

        <!-- Status descriptions -->
        <message id="base" letter="B">Base</message>
        <message id="mpm" letter="M">MPM</message>
        <message id="core" letter="C">Core</message>
        <message id="extension" letter="E">Extensión</message>
        <message id="experimental" letter="X">Experimental</message>
        <message id="external" letter="T">Externo</message>

        <!-- Used in directive context lists -->
        <message id="serverconfig" letter="s">server config</message>
        <message id="virtualhost" letter="v">virtual host</message>
        <message id="directory" letter="d">directory</message>
        <message id="htaccess" letter="h">.htaccess</message>

        <!-- Used for directive lists -->
        <message id="directives">Directivas</message>
        <!-- the optional attribute replace-space-with takes a string.
             if present, the space between <directive name> and 'Directive'
             in directivesynopsis headings will be replaced by the given
             (see de.xml for an example) -->
        <!-- the optional attribute before-name takes a string.
             if "yes", the 'Directive' word is place before the name instead of
             being placed behind. See fr.xml for an example. -->
        <message id="directive">Directiva</message>
        <message id="nodirectives">Este módulo no suministra ninguna

        <!-- Used in summaries -->
        <message id="summary">Resumen de contenidos</message>

        <!-- Used for glossary link titles -->
        <message id="glossarylink">ver glosario</message>

        <!-- Used in headers and footers -->
        <message id="apachetitle">- Servidor HTTP Apache</message>
        <message id="apachehttpserver">Versión &httpd.major;.&httpd.minor;
            del Servidor HTTP Apache</message>
        <message id="apachedocalt">[DOCUMENTACIÓN DE APACHE]</message>
        <message id="search">Buscar en Google</message> <!-- search button
        <message id="index">Índice</message> <!-- deprecated -->
        <message id="home">Página Principal</message> <!-- deprecated -->
        <message id="comments">Comentarios</message>

        <!-- breadcrumb links -->
        <message id="apache">Apache</message>
        <message id="http-server">Servidor HTTP</message>
        <message id="documentation">Documentación</message>
        <message id="version">Versión &httpd.major;.&httpd.minor;</message>

        <!-- super menu -->
        <message id="modules">Módulos</message>
        <message id="faq">Preguntas Frecuentes</message>
        <message id="glossary">Glosario</message>
        <message id="sitemap">Mapa del sitio web</message>

        <!-- footer line -->
        <message id="before-license">Licencia bajo los términos de la</message>
        <message id="after-license"></message>
        <message id="langavail">Idiomas disponibles</message>

        <!-- not up to date -->
        <message id="outofdate">Esta traducción podría estar
            obsoleta. Consulte la versión en inglés de la
            documentación para comprobar si se han producido cambios
        <!-- directive not translated yet -->
        <message id="nottranslated">The documentation for this directive has
            not been translated yet. Please have a look at the English

        <!-- retirement -->
        <message id="retired.headline">Por favor Nota</message>
        <message id="retired.description">
            <p>Esta documentación hace referencia a la versión
<strong>2.0</strong> de Apache httpd, que <strong>ya no tiene soporte ni
mantenida</strong>. Actualice,y consulte la versión actual de httpd en su
lugar, documentado en:</p>
        <message id="retired.current">Versión actual de la documentación de
Apache HTTP Server</message>
        <message id="retired.document">Usted puede seguir <link>éste enlace
</link> para ir a la versión actual de este documento.</message>


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