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Subject [Bug 55841] Misleading news items on bugfix releases ("This version of httpd is a major release of the [...]")
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 04:45:56 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Luca Toscano <> ---
Hi Filipus,

I have probably not stated my point correctly, apologies for the confusion.
What I wanted to say was that in my opinion it was a clear message, and that it
is responsibility of who downloads/update the new version of httpd to check the
changelog for the new minor release (not relying only on the email message).
Moreover I didn't see any other comment on this bug supporting the issue during
the past three yrs so I thought to close it as invalid.

Having said that, I can see your point that a better and more precise
documentation is always welcome. I'll try to follow up in the docs@ mailing
list to raise your point and figure out if there is a way to change the format
of the email sent.



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