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Subject [Bug 55808] File integrity verification using MD5 and SHA1
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2016 00:40:20 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Tom Fredrik Blenning <> ---
The notion in this bugreport that MD5 and SHA1 are too weak shows a complete
lack of understanding of what the threat scenario really is. If you choose to
use these checksums for anything cryptographic you would have to be insane.
Upgrading these checksums would be security theater. If anything I would
suggest weakening them, as their real value, as suggested by RĂ¼diger, are to
guard against network errors and similar errors. For this purpose the currently
used algorithms are overkill, since this could be done by non-cryptographic
hashes that are better suited, however these two algorithms are useful since
they already are present as shell commands in just about any system you would
be likely to use.

Should you as suggested by the reporter increase the cryptographic strength of
these hashes, there would be no real benefit. A possible attack would be a MitM
attack. Let's assume that someone is able to pull this off, since we are on a
single channel, the attacker would with no significant extra effort be able to
change the hashes, for any cryptograhical strength, there would be no added

On the other hand, with PGP, there are many possibilities for transmitting the
key, both in band, but time-shifted, and out-of-band using keyservers,
providing security against malicious MitM.

If you upgrade them, you risk loosing compatibility again for no real benefit.
In my not so humble opinion, I would have closed this issue as invalid, but
that's just me.

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