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From Lucien Gentis <>
Subject Re: Accents
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 09:44:21 GMT
Hello Luis,

I am Lucien Gentis, working on french translation project.

fr.xml file headers are the same as those of es.xml

I noticed that if we edit xml files in UTF8 encoding, we don't need to 
use HTML entities ; accented characters can be written directly, and 
they are displayed in HTML files with encoding specified in lang file 
header (for example ISO-8859-1 for es.xml, UTF-8 for ja.xml, EUC-KR for 

Points to verify :

--- What character encoding do you use in your text editor and what text 
editor do you use ?
     For me : vim-gtk, UTF8 encoding
--- What charset did you specified in your es.xml when you changed it ?
--- You say "i have tried yesterday to change the charset of the 
/style/lang/es.xml to see  if it generates the html" : what html file do 
you mean ?
--- When you display generated HTML file (a httpd doc manual page, I 
suppose), what browser do you use, and what character encoding does it 
detect ?
     For me : Firefox or IE : character encoding specified in lang file 
header is automatically detected.


Le 15/01/2016 06:42, Luis Gil a écrit :
> Hello:
> I was wondering, how could we work with the accents and not with the 
> html code of them, i have tried  yesterday to change the charset of 
> the /style/lang/es.xml to see  if it generates the html, it does but 
> at the time to open the html file in the browser, it gives me the 
> autogenerated code and no html page like it should be, so i changed it 
> back to what it was at the beginning, but still the same issue.
> I would appreciate any light in this that i´m getting confused.
> Thank you in advance.
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