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From Mike Rumph <>
Subject Re: Validation of mod_http2 doc fails
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 18:32:17 GMT
Thanks, André.

Corrected in r1717818 and r1717823.

BTW,  is someone working on a French version of mod_http2.xml?


On 12/3/2015 9:30 AM, André Malo wrote:
> Hi,
> * Mike Rumph wrote:
>> I see that the mod_http2.xml is using <ol> and <li> tags within a <p>
>> section.
>> These tags are not listed as valid contents of element type "p" in the
>> message.
>> But does build docs/manual/mod_http2.html.en correctly.
>> And we can see the lists generated in the referenced section:
>> -
>> This is the list at the end of the section, just before "Shorter
>> Priority Rules".
>> So is this a problem with the style sheets or with validate-xml?
> No, it's just invalid HTML. You have to close the paragraph, open the list,
> close the list and possibly open another paragraph for more text.
> I have no idea, how it went into the HTML file though. Either a merge issue or
> some manual intervention, I'd guess.
> nd

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