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From Mike Rumph <>
Subject ProxyPassReverse documentation question
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 12:20:12 GMT
While doing a grammar review of the mod_proxy documentation,
I came across the following excerpt in the ProxyPassReverse Directive 

Note that this |ProxyPassReverse| directive can also be used in 
conjunction with the proxy pass-through feature (|RewriteRule ... [P]|) 
from |mod_rewrite 
<>| because it 
doesn't depend on a corresponding |ProxyPass 


But the RewriteRule documentation includes the following two table entries:

- proxy|P:  Force the substitution URL to be internally sent as a proxy 
- passthrough|PT:  Forces the resulting URI to be passed back to the URL 
mapping engine for processing of other URI-to-filename translators, such 
as |Alias| or |Redirect|.

So does the RewriteRule example in the ProxyPassReverse documentation 
need to be changed to [PT],
or is the [P] correct and the description (the proxy pass-through 
feature) needs to be worded differently?

Also, I see dictionary entries for "passthrough" as well as 
"pass-through" and "pass through".
Which of these is the best for our purpose?



Mike Rumph

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