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Subject [Bug 58129] man pages are not generated correctly
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 00:51:39 GMT

Bruce Lilly <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Bruce Lilly <> ---
To be quite clear:
The default file and directory locations are established during configure prior
to building from sources (e.g. via --prefix=).  These are then hard-coded into
the httpd executable.
The default prefix, not the configured default location, is what is written in
docs/man/httpd.8 as distributed in the source tarball.

One of the problems is that httpd.8 is *NOT* updated to reflect the configured
default locations.
A related problem is that 'make install' as directed in installs -- without notice or
warning -- the *unmodified* httpd.8 (as part of the generated Makefile
install-man target).
There is certainly nothing in the generated Makefile nor in the "Compiling and
Installing" instructions that would result in httpd.8 being "Generated from XML
source" to reflect the actual configured and compiled-in locations. does not even mention the
documentation, the generation of which is apparently only described in a
separate, well-hidden area not likely to be seen by anybody following the
"Compiling and Installing" instructions.

To make matters worse, the gobbledygook hidden away regarding building the
documentation doesn't even mention the man pages -- at all.  I refer
specifically to and ("Module Format and
It is unclear (to me) whether or not going following what's hidden there would
result in pages being updated to reflect as-configured builds.

It is unreasonable to pin the blame for this on every single distribution,
since the Apache-distributed tarballs, the "Compiling and Installing"
procedure, and the (frankly) poorly documented procedure for building the
documentation directly result in this problem.

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