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Subject [Bug 53153] Rewrite documentation unclear or wrong about what is matched (file-path)
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 18:53:24 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Filipus Klutiero <> ---
Thank you Rich.
Just to be clear, I have changed job since I filed this and haven't had to use
mod_rewrite in 3 years, so I'm even less clear on what the documentation should
read. On the other hand, I suppose my reading now resembles more that of the
typical reader.

The sentence now reads:
On the first RewriteRule, it is matched against the (%-decoded) URL-path of the
request, or, in per-directory context (see below), the URL path relative to
that per-directory context.

I do not find "the URL path relative to that per-directory context" much clear.
If "URL path" means "URL-path", the documentation says URL-path is "A
DocumentRoot-relative path", so this seems to contradict.

In I suggested
"the request's path relative to the directory for which the rule is defined"
but I don't know if this is clear.

I would suggest "the part of URL-path following the path to the directory for
which the rule is defined".

By the way, in the sentence before, "perl compatible regular expression" could
be replaced with "regex", defined in

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