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From Yann Ylavic <>
Subject Re: ListenCoresBucketsRatio directive
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2015 18:40:48 GMT
Hi Lucien,

On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Lucien Gentis
<> wrote:
> mpm_common module new directive ListenCoresBucketsRatio :
> please could someone explain what are listener's buckets ?

The listeners buckets are a new way of segmenting the listening
sockets (called listeners, each corresponding to a Listen directive)
into multipe containers (called buckets, a term which often refers to
"dividing into" in computing).
Each bucket contains a duplicate of all the configured listeners, and
each httpd child is associated to (ie. accepts connections from) a
single bucket, while the system distributes incoming connections
evenly between the duplicates.
The "legacy" behaviour corresponds to a single bucket for all the
children, hence a high concurrency on each listening socket on heavy
By creating multiple buckets (configuring ListenCoresBucketsRatio),
one can relax this concurrency and let the system do the dispatching
accross the children, which improves performances/scalability.

I must admit that it's not easy to translate "listeners buckets" in
french, but first I think the right term is really "buckets of
listeners", so what would be the so-english-inverted-way :) to say it:
"listeners buckets", "listeners' buckets" (with the single quote) or
even "buckets' listeners"?

In french, I personally would use "collection de sockets d'écoute"
[mais qui à mon avis n'indique pas assez la notion de duplication et
division] or maybe "duplicata de sockets d'écoute" [un peu de latin
n'ayant jamais fait de mal]?
But you certainly have a bigger experience than me in translation ;)
[J'abandonne l'idée de traduire "socket", je crois n'avoir jamais
entendu un autre terme pour le/la désigner en français, même pendant
mes études avec des profs qui mettaient un point d'honneur à franciser
beaucoup de choses!].

By the way, the confusion about the term probably also means that the
english documentation of ListenCoresBucketsRatio is not that clear, do
you think something should be improved or made more clear?

Bien cordialement,

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