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From Lucien GENTIS <>
Subject Re: ListenCoresBucketsRatio directive
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2015 12:09:44 GMT
Le 08/02/2015 19:40, Yann Ylavic a écrit :
> Hi Lucien,

Hi Yann,

> On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Lucien Gentis
> <> wrote:
>> mpm_common module new directive ListenCoresBucketsRatio :
>> please could someone explain what are listener's buckets ?
> The listeners buckets are a new way of segmenting the listening
> sockets (called listeners, each corresponding to a Listen directive)
> into multipe containers (called buckets, a term which often refers to
> "dividing into" in computing).
> Each bucket contains a duplicate of all the configured listeners, and
> each httpd child is associated to (ie. accepts connections from) a
> single bucket, while the system distributes incoming connections
> evenly between the duplicates.
> The "legacy" behaviour corresponds to a single bucket for all the
> children, hence a high concurrency on each listening socket on heavy
> load.
> By creating multiple buckets (configuring ListenCoresBucketsRatio),
> one can relax this concurrency and let the system do the dispatching
> accross the children, which improves performances/scalability.

Thanks a lot for this explanation.

I tried to find such info on the net, . . ., without success.

> I must admit that it's not easy to translate "listeners buckets" in
> french, but first I think the right term is really "buckets of
> listeners", so what would be the so-english-inverted-way :) to say it:
> "listeners buckets", "listeners' buckets" (with the single quote) or
> even "buckets' listeners"?

I know yet what is a "listeners' bucket", and now can I think about a 
translation ;-)

> In french, I personally would use "collection de sockets d'écoute"
> [mais qui à mon avis n'indique pas assez la notion de duplication et
> division] or maybe "duplicata de sockets d'écoute" [un peu de latin
> n'ayant jamais fait de mal]?

[J'en ai fait pendant 5 ans, mais c'était il y a longtemps :-) ]

> But you certainly have a bigger experience than me in translation ;)
> [J'abandonne l'idée de traduire "socket", je crois n'avoir jamais
> entendu un autre terme pour le/la désigner en français, même pendant
> mes études avec des profs qui mettaient un point d'honneur à franciser
> beaucoup de choses!].
> By the way, the confusion about the term probably also means that the
> english documentation of ListenCoresBucketsRatio is not that clear, do
> you think something should be improved or made more clear?

Perhaps you might add a paragraph about "listeners" and "listeners' 
buckets" inside of ListenCoresBucketsRatio directive paragraph (or 
anywhere else with a link to it) ?
Listen directive is described in mpm_common documentation, but no trace 
of "listener" term in the doc.

> Bien cordialement,
> Yann.
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