I find the carousel to be unhelpful. Left? Right? Is there an ordering? Where is the info I need? I actually clicked the arrows several times until I realized there were just three bits of info. It is just too difficult to "see at a glance". Carousels like that (IMO) are best for non-"task" information. If I arrive and am seeking information, then put it directly on the page for me to find quickly.

It is only three boxes of information. The look of the (carousel) box is nice. Put three of those vertically on the page, and I'd say you're good.


On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Daniel Gruno <rumble@cord.dk> wrote:
Hi there, dev@ people (and docs@ cc'ed),

For some time now, a lot of us from the documentation team have been
pondering on making our site, well, not so 1990s looking and unappealing.

We've had some input from various people over time, and together with my
own thoughts, I've come up with a new core template that I plan to
submit to our CMS system if there aren't too many objections.

A mockup front-page featuring this new design can be seen at
http://httpd.apache.pw/ (please don't start browsing the entire site, IT
DOES NOT WORK, it needs to be behind our CMS system to be pretty and

And yes, this new layout will feature some changes:

- News are placed in a carousel to eliminate the 'wall of text' we
currently have. RMs will have to get acquainted with how to change the
news on the site (which shouldn't be difficult if you look at the source
code, you will still be able to use the CMS to edit it)
- The menu is now a top bar instead of a side bar
- Some menu items have been grouped together differently than before
- The 8 bit feather has been replaced with the 32 bit one.
- It's not quite as...blue

Now, before half the team starts complaining that this uses HTML5,
JavaScript or CSS3, please bear in mind that *we are not the intended
audience*. This is not - and should not be - about what we want, it's
about what modern (non-lynx) users will find attractive or off-putting
about a site.

So, I will leave it to you to either love or hate this idea, and if I
don't hear any (good) arguments against this, I will update the site
layout in about 72 hours. If, however, someone feels very strongly about
not changing status quo, I will of course take it to a vote on dev@ (I
assume docs@ people also follow dev@).

So, throw me some indicative pluses or minuses, or some comments, if you
care about our site :)

With regards,