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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Change of web site layout
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 09:19:14 GMT
On 06/17/2014 12:46 AM, Tim Bannister wrote:
> On 16 Jun 2014, at 22:23, Rich Bowen wrote:
>>> Apache httpd being #1 on the internet is great news, but personally I'd put that
on the carousel. What sort of leading text should go in its place? I'm happy to put some work
into this.
>> Also, it's the text that's been on our website for at least 15 years. So, yeah, it's
probably time to say something different here.
> …or say it differently? I've made my own mock up front page (attached), which can be
a straw man for further discussion. I based this, as you may well have guessed, on the design
and styles used at
> This mockup mentions the #1 position and the 1 years but in its own way.
I like the idea of putting versions into tabs instead of littering the
front page with a lot of useless text that you may or may not want to
read. We should be pushing 2.4, and as such, that should be the first
thing any user sees (they can then click on the 2.2 tab to see 2.2 news :p).

I also like that you kept the release news short, we don't really need
to say "we're so and so proud of presenting this in conjunction with
them and them", we need to simply say "there's a new version, it
fixes/enhances this and that, go download it or read the changelog".

I have tried to incorporate your suggestions into my own proposal, and
the result can be seen at

In addition, I have some comments about your design proposal:

- The design might be changing RSN (it's being discussed),
  so using it might not be the most optimal route.
- Using the design will require making a ton of new pages,
  as the menu is not as complex as the original design or my proposal.
- Where are the download/changelog links? We need to push that, not
  hide it away.
- The user guide/tips is a great idea on paper, but would require yet
  more new documents, which won't be done until November (at ApacheCon).
  perhaps we could just add those to the carousel?
- Adding a search bar is always fun to do, but we don't have the tech
  to implement a search as it is, unless we use Google (which people can
  just use themselves)
- You use JavaScript to display the tabs. This, apparently, needs to be
  done in a way that people without JS can view it as well. I have tried
to accommodate that in my second proposal (see link above).
- The documentation link just leads to our boring and unattractive docs
  front page. I would prefer if people can go directly to documentation
  for e.g. 2.4 right away from the front page (dropdowns?).

I see this discussion going two ways now:

1) Which overall layout should we pick for the site?
2) How do we present out project on the front page?

I think both proposals are valid, and I won't go into "who's got the
prettiest design", as that's entirely personal opinions, but I think the
second proposal leaves people wondering "where can I get it, and where
can I find the changelog/docs/release notes quickly". Not that there
aren't links to some of it, it's just not that obvious where to click.

I'm running out of keyboard here, so I'll pause for a while and think
some more on the subject.
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