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From Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen <>
Subject Re: Norwegian error documents
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 16:20:13 GMT
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On 2/5/14 3:36 PM, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen, Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:08:23 +0100: Hi
> Attached is a patch which provides Norwegian bokmål language
> support for error documents.
> A bit of background: The Norwegian language debate is a bit 
> contentious, close to 90% write Norwegian-Bokmål, and almost all
> of the reminder write Norwegian-Nynorsk. Thus, there is no question
> that this patch correctly provides support for nb(IANA
> macrolanguage)
>> May be you meant "no"? The IANA macrolanguage is "no", not "nb".
>> And I see that your patch applies to content-language "no" in
>> addition to "nb" and the grandfathered tag. Of course, on my own
>> server, I would perhaps want to disable the inclusion of "no" …
>> A Norwegian author (of both languages) once said he welcomed the
>> return of the beautiful fight between Norwegian Bokmål and
>> Norwegian Nynorsk with regard to which language had more
>> translations of the Greek and Latin classics ...
>> As a Norwegian Nynorsk-man, I welcome the same fight in the field
>> of Apache … :-)
>> Leif Halvard Silli

So I did a little bit more digging, realizing I started in the wrong
end with serving - "no" and expanding with "nb". Here is a new patch,
it still serves Norwegian(no) as bokmål, but only claims to provide
Bokmål(nb). The rest is probably due to some setting in Apache
somewhere which equates the two. (Feel free to change it if you find
it - Leif Halvard ;-) )

According to my high-school diploma I'm fluent in both languages,
although seeing all the spelling errors when I fixed the patch the
second time around makes me doubt I can write either, I would leave
the translation into Nynorsk to someone more competent. I did a little
bit on improving the language as well this time around.

Eg har ikkje skreve nynorsk seriøst sidan eg måtte gje ut en eksamen i
2004, så eg trur det er betre om td. du freistar dette - Leif Halvard.

Best regards
Tom Fredrik Klaussen
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