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From Piotr Rotter <>
Subject ap_log_error APLOG_DEBUG
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 18:52:44 GMT

I wrote small module based on mod_ruid2 and mod_vhs but still have one 
issue and I do not know how to fix it. I spend few time for searching 
but with no result.

Exactly I have problem with some macro definition like below:

#define ROT_VLOG_DEBUG(text,par...) ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, 
APLOG_WARNING, 0, NULL, "(mod_rot: pid=%d uid=%d, gid=%d, dbuid=%ld, 
dbgid=%ld, dbchrootdir=%s, dbdocrootdir=%s) %s(): " text, getpid(), 
getuid(), getgid(), rot_dbres_uid, rot_dbres_gid, rot_dbres_chrootdir, 
rot_dbres_docrootdir, __FUNCTION__, par)

In this form works perfectly but when I change APLOG_WARNING to 
APLOG_DEBUG nothing appear in errorlog. I check apache configuration and 
I sure I have "LogLevel debug" in config file.

This macro based on macro _DBG from itk.c and there is APLOG_WARNING 
though this macro is used for debuging only.

Please some tips how to write macro to write to error log as debug.

Pozdrawiam! / Best regards!
Piotr Rotter
Konsultant IT / IT Consultant
=========================================== - Powerful hosting - surprisingly easy
ul. BarkociƄska 6, 03-543 Warszawa PL
Tel: +48 22 423 33 22
GSM: +48 503 10 40 50
Skype: active24pl

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