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From Bernard Higonnet <>
Subject Re: Suggested clarification to page re version 2.4 and mod_perl 2.0
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2013 07:13:56 GMT
On 22/02/2013 01:29, Nick Kew wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 22:46:52 +0100
> Bernard Higonnet <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Inasmuch as mod_perl doesn't work with Apache 2.4, I think a sentence to
>> the effect "Unfortunately, this version can not now be used with
>> mod_perl." should be added to the present description of
> Doesn't work like that.  We're not responsible for mod_perl so it's not
> up to us to say whether it works or not.  If we get into that, we're
> setting ourselves up for a lot of trouble when some users insist it
> works and others insist it doesn't.
> The mod_perl folks should be able to say what server versions
> they recommend using it with.
I do understand that Apache 2.4 does work by itself and the central 
issue is that mod_perl does not work with Apache 2.4.

On a theoretical basis, or if you prefer, on a basis of principle, 
that's certainly correct.

However, on a practical basis, on the basis of providing a community of 
users useful and helpful information, I think such a position falls 
short. I do not want to, nor do I want to appear to, start a flame war, 
but I was under the impression that a) there are many many Apache sites 
that use mod_perl and b) httpd and mod_perl are both Apache Software 
Foundation projects, so it is not unreasonable for members of such a 
community to expect some level of communication and/or coordination 
between two such projects.

Perhaps my original suggestion was not phrased positively enough and 
could be improved: "Right now, this version can not be used with
mod_perl but the mod_perl team is working hard to add mod_perl."

Just to confirm what any reader of this thread must be thinking, my 
original comment was born of frustration in not having read carefully 
enough the mod_perl download page 
( which indicates in a 
low-key way that indeed mod_perl doesn't work with 2.4 (that fact might 
be made more obvious there too...). I have built a number of Apache 
servers, all with mod_perl, and took off with the latest, and I thought 
best in every way, version and realized my error (yes, indubitably my 
error) when I got to installing mod_perl.

There are various levels of goodness in documentation, involving 
separate notions such as


and I think it would be nice, and more helpful, if Apache documentation 
scored well on all these criteria.

Bernard Higonnet

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