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Subject [Bug 54269] mod_proxy_html documentation misses several things
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2012 02:28:51 GMT

--- Comment #8 from Christoph Anton Mitterer <> ---

Let me see...

to (1):
- Are you sure the default is Off? Cause when using the (still external)
mod_proxy_html from the EPEL repo, it seems that On is the default.

- There is not yet a default given for ProxyHTMLBufSize, well at least not in
the "header"... in the description text it is already named as 8192.
The same applies to ProxyHTMLCharsetOut, with the default being UTF-8.

- There are still no default given for ProxyHTMLFixups, which may be because
there is no default for... the closest match would be "reset" but I guess this
is not equal to a default.

to (2):
That seems to be not yet answered.

So the question is, when there would be a link in the content attribute of a
meta element... is it adapted? Or does this need an additional ProxyHTMLLink or
even ProxyHTMLExtended to work?
I think this should somehow be described.

Or whether nothing with respect to this happens at all. And ProxyHTMLMeta
really just controls whether meta information is used for charset detection and
for conversion to real HTTP headers.

to (3):
Your text is already good, but perhaps one should add somewhere the following,
namely that if using extended mode, one should h, e and c flags to
ProxyHTMLURLMap... depending onto what class the respective rule belongs to.

to (4):
That seems to be not yet answered.

to (5):
There is now a hint ("Set to On, all scripting events (as determined by
ProxyHTMLEvents)") in the documentation of ProxyHTMLExtended... but I think it
should also be added to the ProxyHTMLEvents description, that these will only
be considered in extended mode.

to (6):

to (7):

to (8):
I think that's still missing... and actually I’d like to see this in the
summary section .... so about this:
a) How does proxy_html decide to process a file? E.g. does it do so by the HTTP
content type of a served file? Or does it try to detect itself whether the file
is a HTML/XHTML file?
b) Which files does it process (closely related to (b))? Only HTML/XHTML? Or
does it also process text/css files? Or separate script files?
c) I think the information already given at ProxyHTMLEnable, namely that only
proxied content is processed, but that there is a way around this
(PROXY_HTML_FORCE), should be given there, too.
d) And last but not least... that even in the extended mode of proxy_html
(ProxyHTMLExtended) only _inline_ (inside a HTML/XHTML file) scripts/styles
will be handled,... but not standalone CSS or script files.


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