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Subject [Bug 53530] <Directory> docs don't explain when to use quotes
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 20:20:46 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Daniel Gruno <> ---
When to use quotes and when not to use them is entirely up to the person
writing the configuration. It's means to encapsulate an argument as 'one whole
string' since httpd will normally assume that a space is the delimiter for
arguments, as with command line arguments on most platforms.

A backslash is used to escape a quote, thus:
<Directory "/foo/\"bar\"/something">
would be a valid directive.

This is by no means specific to the <Directory> blocks, but apply to all
settings. I had a conversation with bill rowe about this some time ago, and we
sort of agreed that we should make the docs conform to a standard of either
using quotes or not using them (I lean towards using quotes for directories for
neatness sake and for the sake of cases where there's a space in the path).

I'll leave this bug open as a reminder to take a look at how we write our
examples. If anyone disagrees, feel free to close it.

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