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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Current configuration of httpd site on comments.a.o
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 12:50:24 GMT
As to not clutter the vote with too much stuff, I'm posting a new thread
here with some more in-detail information about how the httpd project is
set up on, and what will happen if the vote passes

Options that are enabled:
- Users have to register an account and validate their email in order to
receive reply notifications (thanks for this idea, Stefan)
- HTML is NOT allowed
- Comments cannot be longer than 2,500 characters. This should be enough
to write a couple of paragraphs and show some configuration examples.
- Names cannot contain links
- Comments that contain links other than those pointing to *
are flagged as 'not approved' and will need to be approved by a
moderator before showing up on the site

Options that are not enabled, but can be:
- Posting a comment can require a registered account
- Users can use Gravatar avatars next to their comments
- Posting new comments can be disabled
- Showing comments can be disabled

Non-committer moderators
Users that are not committers can be permitted to moderate our site.
This can be a great way to allow new people to be "semi-committers"
without having to actually invite, vote and set them up as committers
just yet. Currently, we have one user, Sling (Mathijs) set up as a
moderator for the httpd site, and I have full confidence that he'll do
an excellent job, just as he is doing, helping out on our IRC channel.

Integration of comments.a.o into the docs:
Once the voting is done, and provided the vote passes, I will start
integrating the comments system into the 2.2 and 2.4 branch. I won't be
doing it tonight, but rather tomorrow when I am satisfied that any
remaining kinks in the system has been dealt with. By holding off till
tomorrow, we should have a fresh set of eyes on the launch, in case we
start receiving many comments. I will start by adding the system to the
2.4 branch, and let it work for a day or two before adding it to the 2.2
branch, as 2.4 presumably has less traffic and thus would be easier to
fix should anything be off about the system.

If there are any other concerns or just curiosities, by all means, reply
to this email and we'll discuss them in this thread.

With regards,

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