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From "Vincent de Lau" <>
Subject RE: Problems With Doc Build Target "latex-en"
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 12:10:18 GMT

> Van: Tom Browder []
> Hm, Vincent, I think you're right.  I just received my "new" Apache
> Modules book by Nick Kew (pub. 2007) and he says on p. 11, "All
> original documents are in an XML format that is a subset of DocBook."

I don't think this is true. Initially the format might be inspired on 
DocBook, but as far as I know the DTD's are build up from scratch based 
on needs. If I recall correctly, a lot of inline markup is actually 
'borrowed' from HTML, to ease transition from the then HTML docs into XML.

See also:
> If that is still true, I can change my proposal for pdf to:
>   # existing flow
>   apache-doc.xsl => [stylesheets of some kind] => apache-doc.tex
>   pdflatex apache-doc.tex => apache-doc.pdf
>   # new flow
>   apache-doc.xsl => [DocBook  5 stylesheets] =>
> => [Apache Fop 1+] => apache-doc.pdf

The docbook stylesheets wouldn't work for the above mentioned reason. 

The rest of the flow looks like I think it should be.

> In my experience we have been using the xsltproc (from libxml2) for
> conversion from xml to fo, but the Apache Java tool chain should work
> okay, too.

It's fun to work with standards, isn't it! ;) It was once decided to use 
a common tool chain, so that the output would be similar and diffs kept to 
a minimum. You might have noticed that the output HTML is committed into 
the repository.


Vincent de Lau

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