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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Comment system, take two and three quarters
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 18:46:15 GMT
Since it's generally better to say too much than say too little, here's
an update on what's going on with the commentary business for the docs.

The work on moving the new comment system to infra is now in progress,
and hopefully it should be up and running on within
a reasonable time-frame.

When it's prepped and ready, it is my plan to propose a vote on adopting
the comment system to the 2.2 and 2.4 versions of our documentation as
well as the current implementation in trunk. Thus, anyone who still
wants to give the system a test spin before it launches are free to
register an account and get set up as moderator. Just click on the "log
in" link in any comment section in trunk and create an account (don't
click the committer link, it doesn't work yet).

As we're nearing a possible launch of the system, I wanted to get a few
things out of the way, so we can just vote on the issue and not have to
discuss all these matters then. If you have any comments, suggestions or
objections to the decisions below, please speak up:

- A privacy policy has been made for the comment system. It can be found
at and it's pretty short and straight

- Comments will not be restricted to their separate translated versions
of the documents, but will be unified. for example, core.html.en and will share the same comments. Most of us do not speak a
whole lot of the languages we have translated our docs into, and I think
it's only fair that users are recommended to post their comments in
English. If anyone wants to write up a brief introduction to how
comments should be made, feel free to do so :)

- 2.2, 2.4 and trunk will have their own separate threads. If comments
need to be shuffled around or copied from one branch to another, we can
probably do that manually.

- Every Apache committer using their Apache credentials will potentially
be able to moderate the comments. This is on purpose. We want to bring
Apache together on projects like this, and being able to pool our
resources in preventing spam and answering questions only seems like a
good thing.

With regards,

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