Notes from April 23 conference call

* How might we help improve the SSL documentation on

Participants: (incomplete list) Rich Bowen, Geoff Noakes, Elizabeth Carlassare, Jeff Barto, Martin Thurmann, Bill Rowe

Can someone from Apache create an outline? Best for initiator of outline to create it. Writer from Elizabeth's team at Symantec can help prepare outline.
Symantec can draft SSL documetnation for Apache.
Who are SSL subject matter experts at Apache? There are a few folks who are already contributing to Apache docs.
What topics are currently miscovered or not well covered?
   * Trying to weed out old content from SSL FAQs
   * Most documentation is 10 years old
   * Some of it still applies
   * Some of it doesn't or needs updating
   * None of us represent our companies, we are individuals
   * Apache doesn't acknowledge companies as contributors
Apache is receptive to input and help to improve SSL documentation
Apache does not have technical reviewers, but can reach out to them
What does a typical Apache user need to do to buy and install an SSL solution? (Ask Martin and Frank)
Vet draft content via Apache email list.
May be able to repurpose some existing content.

Next steps:
- Prepare outline for review
- Summarize meeting minutes and send out to mailing list
- Writer from Elizabeth's team to join email alias:
- Elizabeth to reach out to Martin and Frank for existing information for FAQs, etc.
- Elizabeth to send notes from call to

Rich Bowen :: @rbowen