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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Googling for documentation
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 12:18:36 GMT
> 1) Are the 2.0 docs at their end-of-life soon? (or should this be
> declared by dev@?)

This should be based on statistics, not gut feelings. However, my gut
feeling is that the time is nigh. How long has it been since 2.2.0?

> 2) If not, then can we at least agree that they are outdated, and people
> who wind up in the 2.0 docs were probably looking for 2.2/2.4?


> 3) If so, should we take steps to ensure, that people, who google for
> our docs and wind up in the 2.0 section, are made aware of this?


> A couple of suggestions were made on IRC on how to combat this:
> 1) Add a big background image on the 2.0 docs which spells "DEPRECATED"
> 2) Add a notice, just like we have when translations are outdated, which
> tells the user that 2.2 or 2.4 is the preferred version today, and add a
> link to both those docs.
> 3) Forcibly redirect any visits to 2.0 docs with Google as referrer to
> the 2.2 or current/ docs.
> 4) Deny googlebot access to the 2.0 documentation, and hope that it'll
> get the point and stop returning out 2.0 documentation as the best
> result in searches.

The rel canonical meta tag was very effective in the case of the 1.3 docs
and might be a good simple place to start. Denying googlebot is also a good

So ... yes to all of these except 3. That seems heavy handed.

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