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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Syntax Highlighting, part 2
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 13:14:37 GMT

On May 1, 2012, at 12:20 PM, Daniel Gruno wrote:

> Hello docs@,
> I have read the responses from people on both the mailing list, off it,
> and via other channels, as well as made a small non-scientific survey
> among the users@ people that showed a big approval (93%) of adding
> highlighting to the documentation, and it makes me quite happy that
> people are enthusiastic about this project and the proposed changes.
> I would therefor like to propose, that we apply these changes to the 2.4
> branch as well, so the community can benefit from this highlighting when
> visiting /current/. It is my belief that it would ease the process of
> reading example configurations and source code, enabling users to
> quickly get the information they need, without having to "mentally
> highlight" it themselves.
> As we have a certain saying about our mailing lists, I would ask that
> people that are both for and against this speak up on this list, so we
> can see if there is a general consensus for backporting these changes.

+1. I'd like to see the highlighting changes ported over to the 2.4 docs. I don't see any
value in having them in the 2.2 docs.

Over the coming months as trunk doc changes are copied over to 2.4, highlighting will begin
to appear here and there. Only by doing the whole enchilada can we have any kind of consistency
across the documentation.

Yes, I expect that the styles can be further tweaked, but I like what's there currently. Subtle
enough that it's not a circus billboard, but vivid enough that you can tell what's going on.

Rich Bowen :: @rbowen

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