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From Lucien Gentis <>
Subject Questions for further discussion about Documentation commentary system
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 11:35:26 GMT
Hello everybody,

Should translations have their own separate discussion threads, or should they show the same
thread as the English version?
I think each translation should have their own separate discussion threads, because I can't
imagine a french discussion appended to a turkish or korean document ; it would probably get
no answer !
If this is adopted to other branches, should 2.4 and trunk (and possibly 2.2) be linked, or
should each branch have a separate discussion per subject?
The discussion must appear in each version it applies to.
Should we do regular XML exports of the discussion, and if so, where should we store it?
A good question ! :-) Let's go to the next one (this only means I have no answer)
Who will moderate, and how will new moderators be picked?
I think moderators should be people who actually write the docs, because in addition to moderation,
probably they will have to answer complex questions.
As a translator (and I only speek for my own case), I probably (and even surely) won't be
able to answer all questions.
Which approach to moderating the discussions would be best? For instance, should we approve
all comments before they are shown, and who should be allowed to comment?
I think that, as a test you could allow everybody to comment, at least in the beginning, and
see as time passes if it is appropriate.
How to moderate : I think all comment that's related to the subject must be accepted.


Lucien Gentis
Faculté de Médecine - Nancy
03 83 68 30 62

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