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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Comment system, take two
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 21:04:26 GMT
In light of recent concerns about the Disqus system, I've taken it upon
myself to figure out an alternative we can use for adding comments to
our pages. And so, through the better half of a day, I worked on
creating a new system that is without any evil tracking mechanisms of
any sort except for what people themselves will allow - that is, only
information that is willingly entered will be stored, no IPs or such.

The result (thus far) can be seen at a small test page I made for the
http project at - feel free to give it a
test spin and see what you like.

Quick primer:

Click on "add a comment" to add a comment, or click on "reply" to add a
reply to an existing comment. You can use the "log in" link to the far
right to create a permanent account which will save you the trouble of
having to type your name/email whenever you want to make a new comment.

People that register an account can also be added as moderators/admins,
and thus delete posts as they see fit. Furthermore, moderators receive
notifications when a new comment has been made on a page, and can thus
quickly react if something needs deleting. There is a small touring test
in action when you submit a comment, so automated spamming should not be
a huge problem. So, basically the same stuff as we had with Disqus,
albeit on a smaller, less fancy scale and without a big disclaimer.

If there are no objections, I intend to try this commentary system out
on a portion of the trunk tomorrow, and then we'll wrap up with some Q&A
on the ML to get the last few things sorted out, and finally vote on the
matter sometime soon.

Should any committer wish to become a moderator (not that there's a
whole lot to do), just reply on the ML and you'll get added if you've
created an account.

With regards,

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