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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject [Result] Re: [Vote] Add commentary system to httpd docs
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 14:05:28 GMT
I should send this to docs@ as well, obviously.

With an impressive 8 x +1 binding votes and no -1's, as well as +2 from
other docs@ readers, I believe we can call this vote passed with flying
colors :).

We will begin rolling out the commentary system in the trunk docs
shortly, and then we'll see where the wind of the web takes us.

I suspect I'll be following up on this with some discussions on the more
specific details of how we should run this comment system later this
week, but for now, let's just enjoy it for a few days, and see how it
plays out.

The current questions we need to discuss can be found at
so do give them a read-through and add a question or two if you have any.

With regards and humble thanks for your support,

On 04-05-2012 15:58, Daniel Gruno wrote:
> I'll be a bad boy and top-post on this reply, as well as add dev@ to the
> list of recipients.
> In docs@, we have been discussing the possibility of adding comments to
> the various pages in our documentation. As the discussion has
> progressed, we have settled on the idea of trying out Disqus as a
> commentary system for the documentation, and I have authored a proposal
> on the practical implementation of this.
> As this is a rather large change to the documentation (if passed), Eric
> Covener advised me to notify both mailing lists as well as give a bit
> more information on how exactly this will work and why we felt it was a
> good idea to try out a commenting system. That information is located at
> We have, to give it a test spin, rolled out these proposed changed to
> the rewrite section of the trunk documentation,
> (do note that the
> mod_rewrite reference document is NOT a part of this test), and we'd
> very much like you to review these changes and let us know what you
> think of this solution. If everybody is happy about it, we can try to
> roll it out on a bit more pages, and see how it is received by the
> general population.
> So, I am calling a vote on whether or not to proceed with rolling out
> this test to a portion of our trunk documentation for further testing.
> [+/-1] Add commentary system to the trunk documentation.
> With regards,
> Daniel.

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