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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Comments in docs
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 09:48:01 GMT
On 04-05-2012 11:39, André Malo wrote:
>> Yes, I added a test for "$is-chm or $is-zip or $metafile/basename =
>> 'index'" so it would only add the comments for our online version and
>> only for non-index pages. And if I managed to screw that up, I'm hoping
>> you'll lend a hand at fixing it :)
> ;-)
> That's not enough, unfortuantely. The production documentation is currently 
> shipped as-online; as part of the httpd tree. We need a separate tree for 
> that (then extending for different online versions as Igor suggests, will be 
> easy, I guess).
> I'll give it a thought.
> nd
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On a separate note, to the best of my knowledge, even if the comment
section is visible in what we ship, the comments will not work when you
view it as an offline document or on any other server than httpd.a.o, it
will simply show "can't view comments, bla bla" in a small box at the

Another solution would be to simply extend the javascript to simply not
try to render the comments unless window.location.href contains Thus, the "Comments" link will still be on the pages
in the quickview, but it won't show anything. Or it could possibly just
say "Comments disabled for offline viewing" or some such.

I will roll out the Disqus example on a single section at first, before
I commit the XSL changes and we have to rebuild 671 files and what not,
and as per Rich's suggestion, that section will be the rewrite guides in
trunk (I too have to see whether this actually works within the
httpd.a.o namespace before I can do any further work).

With regards,

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