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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Comments in docs
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 16:55:46 GMT
On 03-05-2012 18:28, Igor Galić wrote:
>>> How does PHP documentation deal with the problem of spam?
> [snip]
>> "What is five minus one". But they also moderate the comments as
>> they come in, which is a thankless job. I think that it's
>> worthwhile, but will require some folks volunteering to staff this.
>> I volunteer.
> hmmm… just like supporting users@?
> Yeah… probably just like that ;)
> I suggest recruiting some volunteers from that pool.

I'll gladly volunteer to do some grunt work on that list, but I'm a tiny
bit skeptic about simply recruiting off users@, since this stuff would
be a *part* of the documentation, and thus we'd need a bit more info
than just "I'm a users@ subscriber, lemme volunteer". Or maybe I'm just
being paranoid...who said that?!

Also, it would be nice to hear some suggestions from people as to what
they would prefer; Should we use an off-site provider like disqus, or
should we try to make something homebrewed where we can have config
syntax highlighting in the comments and so forth. And I don't know
exactly how it would work with an external provider and a private
mailing list hook, but maybe somebody else knows :)

With regards,

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