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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Httpd Wiki] Update of "DocsCommentSystem" by DanielGruno
Date Sat, 26 May 2012 13:00:29 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Httpd Wiki" for change notification.

The "DocsCommentSystem" page has been changed by DanielGruno:

Answering a few questions

  We have the option of eiher run a separate comment thread for each translation of each document,
or run it as a unified commentary, i.e. we can run a separate comment thread for the English
and the French version of mod_lua.html or we can have them both display the same comments
- this has yet to be decided.
  === Moderating comments ===
- Comments will be moderated by appointed moderators. Currently, for our test run, we have
Rich Bowen, Igor Galic and Daniel Gruno as moderators, but more can be added. Upon the arrival
of new comments, these moderators will be notified via email that a new comment has been added,
and can review it and select appropriate actions towards it.
+ Comments will, in general, be allowed through without pre-approval. Comments with hyperlinks
in them will require approval from a moderator before they are shown on the site. The comment
system itself has a built-in touring test that should get rid of most of the spam (we have
yet to receive any spam).
- Comments that have links in them WILL NOT be shown unless they have been approved by a moderator.
This feature can be extended to include all comments, and we also have the option of requiring
that people have registered with the system before they can comment.
+ Any Apache committer that wishes to become moderator can do so by logging onto the comment
system (see the "log in" link in each comment section) using their Apache committer id and
password. Since this will be managed by the LDAP service, any new committers will automatically
gain this right without any previous manual work done by the sysadmins.
- If anyone wants to be a moderator for the test run, do speak up. If/when this migrates to
infra, the current plan is to make all Apache committers moderators and manage this through
LDAP. More info will follow as it becomes available.
+ One or more key figures will be appointed comment administrators, and may use this role
to manage/verify non-Apache people that wish to become moderators.
+ Verified people or moderators will have their comments flagged with a small feather to show
that their identity has been verified by Apache.
+ Moderators and admins can click on the "moderate" link in a comment section to go to the
moderator panel of the system, where they can review the latest activity, track specific poster
origins and perform tasks such as removing all posts made from a specific poster or ban an
IP/origin from posting on this site or any other that uses the comment system. Comment admins
can furthermore review activity logs to see if any moderator or poster has been behaving strangely,
and act accordingly.
  === Comments in offline documents ===
  For security reasons, user friendliness and other browser quirkiness issues, the comments
will not be available for viewing when viewing the documentation from any other place than
  === Comment Exports ===
- The comment system supports an XML export of comments (which can be found [[|here]]).
We need to decide whether we want to do exports and if so, where to store the data. Primary
reason for regular exports could be to save the content in case that the service is discontinued
or if/when we need to move to the Infra server instead.
+ The comment system supports an XML export of comments (which can be found [[|here]]).
At this time, there doesn't seem to be any pressing need for this, if we move to infra anyway.
  == Questions for further discussion ==
   * Should translations have their own separate discussion threads, or should they show the
same thread as the English version?
   * If this is adopted to other branches, should 2.4 and trunk (and possibly 2.2) be linked,
or should each branch have a separate discussion per subject?
-  * Should we do regular XML exports of the discussion, and if so, where should we store
-  * Who will moderate, and how will new moderators be picked? (If this moves to infra, then
all Apache committers will likely be moderators, and people can then sign up to receive notifications
on a per-project basis)
-  * Which approach to moderating the discussions would be best? For instance, should we approve
all comments before they are shown, and who should be allowed to comment?

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