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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: Proposal to move docs to Apache CMS
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 22:18:06 GMT
Nóirín Plunkett wrote on Wed, May 02, 2012 at 03:13:16PM -0700:
> On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 3:07 PM, André Malo <> wrote:
> > * Nóirín Plunkett wrote:
> >
> >> > [1] *Sigh* I'm wondering, why so many people here don't know about OUR
> >> >    docs-project pages.
> >>
> >> They're hard to find. Even when I know they exist, I can't find them.
> >
> > is always a good starting point. Then one navigates
> > on the left side to Subprojects/Docs. Done. "How to get Involved" is what
> > you're looking for. [1]
> Damn. Because this one looks at the bold "Documentation" link that's
> above the fold, clicks there, keeps navigating on for a bit and can't
> find what she wants. I'm glad that you're able to find them, but
> Subprojects isn't a heading that makes me think "oh, yeah, that's how
> I contribute" or even "oh, yeah, documentation", and when clicking on
> "Documentation" has failed, the plain, below-the-fold "Docs" link is
> not where I go.
> > Sorry, if that's too hard.
> > But these are our pages. If you want to improve those, it's welcome, too.
> Frankly, given my limited time and energy, yes that is too hard to get
> my contributions.

Agreed whole heartedly. 

> > [1] as for googling about how it works:
> >
> >
> >
> "transformation" is not a word I would ever think to include in my
> search. Maybe I'm just not who you want contributing to the docs?

No, you're exactly the kind of person we need.  Someone who can spot an issue, quickly commit
a change, review it and publish it.  Setting up the whole docs build has always been a bug
bear of mine too.  Every time I change machine, I have to re-learn how to set it up.  It's
such a palava I don't bother anymore.  Which has sadly led me to not committing much.  It
is such a barrier to entry, a pointless one at that when we have something that is so much
more efficient and effective.  



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