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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Doing the main site first (was Re: Proposal to move docs to Apache CMS)
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 14:30:26 GMT
> From: Daniel Gruno <>
>Sent: Sunday, May 6, 2012 8:53 AM
>Subject: Re: Doing the main site first (was Re: Proposal to move docs to Apache CMS)
>On 05-05-2012 17:02, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>> Speaking with Daniel on IRC this morning convinced
>> me that pushing for docs CMS adoption at this point
>> remains a hard sell.  We both agreed that migrating
>> the main site first to the CMS would be better for all
>> concerned, so let's go that route for now and come back
>> to docs once everyone has had a chance to play with
>> the CMS on a production site that they actually care about.
>> Since the site is a standard Anakia thingy, we have
>> migration tools that will convert the xml to markdown,
>> and I talked Daniel into coming up with a simple django
>> template for the site.  That means we can use the CMS's
>> standard perl build stuff instead of the largeish collection
>> of java utils that generate the html- its a whole lot
>> simpler and faster in practice once the docs have been
>> migrated.
>> We can leave any .html and .txt documents as-is, they
>> won't be changed by the build.   Another thing I'd like
>> to see us do is move the download.cgi script out of the
>> doctree and into a separate cgi-bin/ dir, just so we can
>> actually practice what we preach ;-).  The CMS fully
>> supports that.
>> Anyhow if we can find consensus on this plan we can take
>> this back to dev@ and look for general approval.
>> Thoughts?
>+1 to that, obviously, since I'm working on a template already. It's
>located at by the way, in case
>anyone wants to snoop. And if you do, you'll see that it's quite simple
>to migrate, as all we need to do is convert our existing pages into
>markdown via the anakia2markdown script (
>) and add them to the content directory, and the CMS will take care of
>building and what not. A little grunt work is expected, in order to make
>the pages conform completely, but as we have so few pages on our main
>site, it's really of no concern.
>I would, of course, suggest we first set up some form of testing area,
>so we can try wrapping our heads around it and get it working before we
>migrate completely :)

Now that everything's in svn I've gone ahead and activated the CMS for
httpd (sans production).  The staging site is available at

Once we're satisfied that everything's ready to go live, we'll vote ;-).

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