On Friday 13 April 2012 17:43:30 Daniel Gruno wrote:

> would like to see it shaped differently.

> I've quite often found that I simply couldn't find what I was looking

> for, because my own mental point of entry was more along the lines of

> "I'm a developer, where do I start?", which is hidden away in the

> "other" section.


Years ago I had a friend moaning about the httpd docs. He said, he could never find what he was looking for. And if after a lot of searching he got it, he could not understand it because of his bad english. This has been the impulse for my translation effort.


Some time later, I realized, translation is not everthing. The current documentation is written from a developers view. You have to be familiar to the "httpd language". You already have to know the concepts, possibilities, and an overview over the existing (or at least the most common) modules. This is a hughe burden for really new or occasional users.


But I am already to failiar with the Apache to be able to look at the docs from a beginners view. So some time ago I thought about collecting, sorting and grouping user questions from users@httpd to get an idea for their perception. Due to a lack of time I never got into it.


But this approach might help reordering the frontpage.

Imho mostly unexperienced user start there. Experienced users know where to look and go straight to the correspnding page using the shortest known way through the navigation.


So let's look at the user questions and collect the corresponding pages which might have helped them. By the time we might see some group of topics and corresponding pages. Those should be the base for our new frontpage.


We might - no, I'm sure, we will - also see a lot of questions, which are not easily answered with our currend docs. Writing new pages and/or improving existing ones will then be the next step towards an easier to use documentation.