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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject what docs are needed for EBCDIC builds of httpd >= 2.0?
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 14:21:05 GMT
This gives an idea of the scope of such a document.  I suspect that
some active contributors here are aware of more definitive information
which has been developed over the years and which resides in product
documentation.  That would be helpful to get the end-user details


OS/390 and z/OS

Apache httpd has only been tested when compiling natively (i.e.,
EBCDIC source files) and handling all code page translation explicitly
using normal C interfaces.  As such, it always "runs in" EBCDIC and is
subject to the constraints described in this document.

Special build instructions

(some very tiny subset of, if that still

(any other platforms to list?  not until interested developers put
something here)

Hard restrictions on character set

Server configuration files (.conf)

These must be encoded in a suitable EBCDIC character set.

mod_mime and mod_mime_magic configuration files

These must be encoded in a suitable EBCDIC character set.

Files processed by mod_include

These must be encoded in EBCDIC for processing, or a filter must be
set up to translate to EBCDIC before processing by the INCLUDE filter.

Protocol output by scripts

Only EBCDIC is supported for protocol data, such as HTTP response
lines written by CGI scripts.  (Is that correct?  1.3 had some

Response bodies generated by scripts, files (other than those
processed by mod_include)

These can be in any character set.  mod_charset_lite can be used when
necessary to recode them into a suitable character set for the client.


Unless httpd-modern has been actively used on other platforms, perhaps
this should just be the "z/OS" page instead of the "EBCDIC" page.
(Note that OS/390 is an older name for the same OS.)

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