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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: manual/developer/modguide.xml is not a valid XML document
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 05:59:33 GMT
On 23-04-2012 01:42, André Malo wrote:
> * Daniel Gruno wrote:
>> I've seen the errors, and I know of _a_ solution, which is to loosen up
>> common.dtd in the build system to allow styles within a <code> tag (and
>> subsequently allow for <pre> inside a <p>),
> <pre> is not allowed inside <p>, because both are blocks (in HTML then) and

> nesting is forbidden there.
> Also, style attributes are BAD. If you want to extend common.dtd, use 
> classes and extend the css files (or, better: add a new one).
>> but the real rub here is 
>> what Igor wrote in an email earlier this week; We don't have a
>> highlighting function for our documents, yet alone a way to distinguish
>> between configuration examples and source code, so we're forced to use
>> "invalid" XML segments in order to make the end result properly readable
>> for our readers.
> Fix the DTD and the XSLT. Breaking the build system is not a solution.
>> So again, I implore anyone who has knowledge of, or knows someone who
>> knows someone who can help us in creating some form of highlighting
>> feature, please step forward and let us know. The alternate route would
>> be to just revert every example back to plain text, which would render
>> most of it quite unappetizing to most readers.
> I suggest pygments. If we get that to run with jython, we could use it to 
> auto-highlight code. But until then, it's plain text, yes; so please 
> revert.
> nd
I have fixed the nesting issues that were, and changed all style
elements to classes instead, pending whichever solution might be deemed
the best. It will still require a laxer version of common.dtd which
allows for class tags within <code> elements, just as it is currently
allowed for <p> elements, but I'll need some input on whether people
think it's okay to change common.dtd to accommodate this, or whether
everything should just be plain-text, which would undoubtedly be a pain
to read.

With regards,

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