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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject error numbers
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 17:00:50 GMT
After agitating for error numbers, we haven't done much to document them. I'd like to start
a discussion of where, and how, to document these.

At the moment, we have which is a decent start, but hasn't
been touched in 2 years. This seems to be the right "where", but I'm not sure about the how.

There are over 2000 of these numbers so far, and I think having a page for each is probably
overkill, although there are some that warrant more than a sentence of discussion.

Here's what I suggest.

One page, listing all of the AH*** error codes in a table with:

Error code
Error message (template)
Extremely brief description
Possibly a link to a more detailed explanation, if warranted.

The more detailed explanations may be one-pagers, for the more complicated scenarios, or,
in some cases, a page may contain more than one (related) error. (Possibly by module?)

I'd like to have this in the xhtml docs, eventually, but starting it in the Wiki seems the
best way to get people to start to contribute. And someone mentioned at one point that they
could easily script the initial doc. I don't remember who said that, but if you have something
ready, that would be great. Meanwhile, if nobody steps up, I can script that up.

Any thoughts before I dive in and start working on this?

Rich Bowen :: @rbowen

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