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From Kess <>
Subject Re: Relaxing docs review policy?
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 15:40:35 GMT
On Wednesday 28 March 2012 15:36:18 Rich Bowen wrote:
> It has been mentioned several times that we'd have more translations if
> we'd relax the review policy a little.
> I'd like to propose that we loosen it up on trunk, so that the translations
> can at least get into the tree, and then actively solicit reviews (on
> users@, for example) before pushing them into trunk. I think that by
> requiring review of the patches, rather than putting them into trunk, we
> make it unreasonably hard for reviewers to actually have a look at them.
> Whereas if they were in trunk, reviewers could look at the rendered docs
> on the /docs/trunk web site, and we'd be more likely to get feedback.
> Thoughts?

+1 for putting them in trunk


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