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From Eduardo Pereira <>
Subject Re: Translations
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 22:14:14 GMT

Hi Rich,

I've done some pt-BR translations, and in my opinion, some parts of the documents are very
technical and tricky, and need to be translated carefully, to be more exact, the terms, keywords,
and things like that.

But for me the hardest part is to find people willing to help revise. For almost 10 years
I've been into this group, I've only had help once with the translations, and only for a short
period of time.

What would really help is to work with more than two people, this would make things go faster
and give more encouragement.

I guess we needed more exposure, or better propaganda to gather more help. There are so many
people out there using Apache around the world that could help, they just don't know it!

Another important point is that the environment is hard to use, all that version control commands,
and XML editing is hard for people who just want to translate. A Wiki-like web interface would
make things so much easier, or maybe a web-based forum with easier access. This would allow
people to edit the documents without having knowledge of all those "geek" commands. LOL. I
love this email-based list, but I think most people are not familiar with it.

Le Feb 21, 2012 à 19:32, Rich Bowen a écrit :

> Last week I was at Duke, and one of the folks there was a student whose professor had
encouraged her to get involved in Open Source by translating the Apache httpd docs into Spanish.
I encouraged her to get on the list and get started, and gave her some starting info.
> This got me thinking - what can we do to encourage people to help out with translation?
> Those who have done some translation - what do we do that makes it hard? What could we
make easier?
> Our translations in the 2.4 release are pretty far out of date in almost every language.
It might even be time to drop some of them entirely because of how far out of date they are.
> --
> Rich Bowen
> :: @rbowen

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