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From André Malo>
Subject Re: [proposed] remove docs/1.3/
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2012 19:16:15 GMT
* William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:

> On 2/26/2012 2:11 PM, André Malo wrote:
> > * William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
> >> Doesn't it seem overtime to take down 1.3 docs from the site,
> >> altogether?
> >
> > Why?
> Because 1.3 code and docs are no longer maintained.  Because 1.3 docs
> shipped in the tarball, they got the whole deal when they downloaded it.
> By continuing to publish something out-of-date, we imply to users that
> there is some support of that software that does not in fact exist IMHO.
> Serving out-of-date docs is a disservice to our users.  I agree that
> anyone hitting a 1.3/ URL should be redirected to a pointer that they
> need to re-obtain the tarball and use the embedded docs shipped with
> httpd 1.3.42.

I don't think so. A *lot* of links out there still point to these docs (and 
that won't change). If not for anything else, the 1.3 docs publication can 
still be used to point out history and differences and support 
argumentation. It's hard to reference a tarball (which most people didn't 
even download).

Furthermore: most people I know, who are still using 1.3, don't use it, 
because they want to, they use it, because they have no other choice for 
some reason or another.

A compromise I'd actively support would be:

- to not only put these red blocks above each document, but 
  provide 'position: fixed' block, being always visible (for modern 
  browsers) (maybe on the left side, simply saying "UNSUPPORTED SOFTWARE" or 
  something, linking the read block above.)

- put robots=noindex into the documents and/or add a line to the robots.txt

- we could probably remove 1.3 docs from the navigation

package Hacker::Perl::Another::Just;print
qq~@{[reverse split/::/ =>__PACKAGE__]}~;

#  André Malo  #  #

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