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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Error codes
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 14:29:29 GMT
For those of you who don't follow dev@ closely, please take a look at

Summary: I'd like to put error codes, of the form AH1234 (AH = Apache httpd and 1234 is an
arbitrary number) into the calls to *_log_?error so that we can have per-error detailed documentation
that is easily Google-able.

This is a multi-step process that looks like this:

1) Create file in svn that lists sequential error codes so that we know what the next number
is. The file should list error code and the file in which it is used. Should probably also
list line number, although that changes over time, so it's approximate.
2) Find all calls to *_log_?error (Stefan says there's 2700+ such calls!) and add the next
error code to the beginning of the message. In parens, perhaps?. Update the file in #1.
3) Add a description of the error condition, and if known, the remediation, to the Wiki. Update
the file in #1 with the URL of that document. We probably want one URL per error code. We're
counting on the error code being unique-enough to be google-able, so the actual URL doesn't
matter a lot at this point.
4) Eventually, when we have a good body of these error documents, we should figure out where
they fit in the official documentation, and move them there, complete with a style sheet and
standard page elements. (Module, error_level, message, meaning, remediation, etc.)

Presumably we would do this initially in trunk, and based on how well the effort goes, we
can propose patches for 2.4 and 2.2.


Rich Bowen :: @rbowen

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