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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: VeriSign documentation choosing between SAN/Wildcard certs in the Apache HTTPD environment (resend)
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 04:43:14 GMT
On 11/16/2011 10:17 PM, Geoffrey Noakes wrote:
> I AM ASKING FOR HELP FROM SOMEONE AT APACHE.  Our original offer and ask of Apache was
> What we would like to do is to work with 1 or 2 HTTPD contributors to finish it off.
> are looking for people who are well-known and recognized contributors to the HTTPD
> community, and preferably someone who is knowledgeable about SSL and cert
> administration/licensing, and has familiarity with cloud and virtualized environments.
> This is *not* meant to be a product recommendation piece, instead it is an education

Hi Geoff,

I'm sorry your crew has become a bit frustrated.  The timing of your
offer is very interesting, we have unfortunately been pounding through
the complexity of a major new release, 2.4.0, that's consumed almost
everyone's attention to detail.  New/interesting/non-release-specific
things have gotten the short shift.

> Rich, the URL is at
> posted that info on September 2.  We are not particularly skilled in Wiki-styled editing,
> and we couldn’t figure out how to upload all our content.  I’ve attached the Word
> that contains our content.

I think everyone keeps being confused by the "3 screens" comment, for
which we were looking around for three different documents, in three
different places.  Thanks for reposting the origin document.

> Nick wrote earlier:
> So you're looking for review?  You might (or might not) find more takers for that on
> dev list, or even the users list.  Or if it's visible on the wiki, add a request for
> review at the top and see who bites.
> … How do we do that?

It is visible on the wiki.  A short note "this is what we've authored,
please read and provide any feedback if you find it valuable, or items
you found to be confusing".

That feedback would help the docs team to determine if it would be a
good addition [I believe it would].

> Incorporating it into the Apache documentation is not necessarily the best goal.
> Since we have the web, we can incorporate it by reference if it exists elsewhere and
> sufficiently relevant/useful.

It is nice that the SSL section of the httpd documentation is one of
the most thorough and well thought out sections.  If it can be further
expanded with content directly relevant to 80% of users, by all means
we should probably do that.

> … Our original thinking was to contribute content to Apache, and let Apache edit and
> publish it.  We thought that if it came from VeriSign (now Symantec) that it would be
> perceived as a product pitch as opposed to an educational piece.  If the Apache community
> would be better off with a link to a document authored by us (and posted on a
> page) we’ll do that.
> How do I get this done?

We can do both or either.  We just had this discussion with respect
to Rich's publications.  Our challenge, as a neutral collaboration
space, is to provide equal access to offer links to quality resources.
We haven't even figured out the way to do this with respect to our
own PMC member's publications, such as Nick's API book or Rich's regex
guide.  But I believe we want to do this.

Sometimes it's just a matter of a gentle poke at the right moment as
folks come off of busy projects before they are again entangled in
busy projects.  Everyone is just home from ApacheCon (who attended)
and are probably just collecting their wits again.

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