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From Mathijs <>
Subject Content negotiation documentation
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:33:33 GMT
Hey all,

I just stumbled upon a nice document on content negotiation [1] from the
folks at the W3C, which does a much better job at answering the question
'How do I use content negotiation?' then our current docs [2].

What I would like to propose is either linking to this W3 document or
somehow incorporating it on the current docs, to increase the usefulness of
our documentation for users who want to *implement* content negotiation,
rather then being hit with a wall of text on what techniques are possible
and how to write type-var files.

This is also related to bugzilla #50848 [3] and #50730 [4], and probably

Kind regards,
Mathijs Schmittmann (Sling)


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