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From Lee Fisher <>
Subject Re: data
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2011 22:26:58 GMT
On 7/11/11 12:15 PM, Mads Toftum wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 12:05:05PM -0700, Lee Fisher wrote:
>> If I can ignore the password fields, and the login history table,
>> and can manage to convert the Php/MySQL numeric date to a
>> human-readable XML date, then the work I've been doing in XML is
>> usable.
> If we're going to go with a simple site created using doap, then you
> shouldn't worry too much about usernames and passwords. If we want to
> bring the accounts back and have a management system again, then we can
> always extract the data at that point.

If no password fields are needed, then I need to figure out the date 
field conversion (if the old database registation date is still needed). 
If I can make it past that, then I think the XML work I've done so far 
might be usable, after some more cleanup on user data.

If DOAP format is wanted, then we need Programming Language, which we 
don't have. Optionally, it'd be nice to have other metadata: Operating 
System, Bug Database, Category, split Url field into Homepage, Old 
Homepage, Download Page, and for Apache-hosted (and other 
publicly-projects, use the Repository class. Besides Developer and 
Maintainer contacts, perhaps also the Documentor, Translator, and Helper 
contacts? So, I think we'd need a way to get new data from existing 
projects, either before or after publishing this new format.

Is there an Apache-controlled vocabulary that can be used as DOAP 
Keywords? Right now they're quite free-form, if they exist. Having some 
existing 'tag cloud' could be helpful going foreward.

Is this eventually going to be internalized into non-English languages, 
via xml:lang?

The Apache Labs DOAPizer seems to only target internal projects that 
have Svn projects, as Svn folder is used for Lab Identifier in form. 
Would the results of this new set of DOAP files be integrated with other 
existing Apache-hosted DOAP files? Perhaps make the Apache Labs DOAPizer 
something that httpd module authors could use in new system?

BTW, since the DOAP site is down (for me at least), there is a new 
similar project being worked on by Linux Foundation might be worth 
looking at.

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