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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 50730] Location of .var type-map files for content negotiation mod_negotiation not mentioned.
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 15:00:55 GMT

--- Comment #2 from <> 2011-03-01 10:00:52 EST
Thank you.
It's said that “Type map files should have the same name as the resource which
they are describing”.
A 1st problem is that the example immediately following show that the two names
do differ, since the file name has an extension, but not the resource.
A 2nd problem is, if I understand well, that type map files "should" not but
HAVE TO have that name.
A 3rd problem is that mixing the plural with the singular in this sentence,
though grammatically correct, leads to 2 possible interpretations if read
quickly or by a non native speaker like me, one interpretation being that
several type map fileS ARE describing THE resourcE.
A 4th problem is that it's obvious for you that the type map file should be
placed where most other resource file would, but it's not written and it's not
obvious. Please take into account that most people are familiar with the notion
of file and unfamiliar, if not completely new, to notion of resource, so that
things which can become obvious after a few minutes of thinking are not at
first reading for us. Moreover readers can, like me, be discovering how a web
server works. My former experience of maths teacher in high school is that
"obvious" things are not obvious at all for pupils, even for those with a good
brain, specially when there are several new things in one lesson.

I suggest to replace
“Type map files should have the same name as the resource which they are
describing, and have an entry for each available variant;”
“The type map of a given resource must have the same name as the resource it
describes, followed by the extension ".var", and must be placed in the
directory indicated by the URI of that resource. For instance, for a ressource
of URI , the type map file must be
bar/dir/foo.var inside the file hierarchy pointed to by .
The type map must have an entry for each available variant;”

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