For the following changes, do I mail the diff between the different versions?
Since I cannot commit, I suppose I have to make my own system of versions.
And then send the diff to the list. Isn't it?

2010/11/30 Rich Bowen <>
Can someone literate in Spanish give this a quick look-over and commit it?

This is different from what we've done in the past, in that there are large parts of the document untranslated, and thus in the "wrong" language. However, I feel like this is actually the right way to do it, so that even though it's in the wrong language, at least it's there, which is significantly better than nothing.


Thanks, iņigo. This is a great start.

On Nov 30, 2010, at 12:13 PM, iņigo medina wrote:


Rich Bowen made a call for translation on @users list and
I thought I could help with spanish translation.

I've started to work with mod directory following Bowen's advices.
I've created and translated the first part for AcceptFilter directive.

Any suggestion is very welcome. :)

Rich Bowen

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