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From Luke Meyer <>
Subject 50048 (was RE: Contributing to docs)
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 19:23:58 GMT
> From: Eric Covener []
> I finally got a clue about what you were describing here and committed
> it unchanged to trunk and 2.2.x.

Thanks, much appreciated.
> Using the Proxy directives in Location containers is shorthand to not
> have to repeat the context root, and if the container is a
> LocationMatch you'd better use ProxyPassMatch on the inside.

Actually, you don't have an option about using the shorthand - if you try to supply a path
to ProxyPass inside Location, it's a config error. Same for ProxyPassMatch inside LocationMatch.
Otherwise you could potentially mix and match... I'm sure there's a reason why that's a bad
idea though.

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