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From Luke Meyer <>
Subject RE: Contributing to docs
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 18:39:12 GMT
On Oct 11, 2010, at 9:35 AM, Luke Meyer wrote:
1) Email us and say "hey, this bit is wrong".

BTW, I never got any response (not even a "patches welcome") to my first email on this list
suggesting some changes (5/13).

I'm very sorry. I can only say that either we were distracted, or, more likely, in this case,
nobody was 100% certain what to make of the patch. I, for one, have never even considered
using ProxyPassMatch inside a LocationMatch. Is there a reason that you'd not just use a single
ProxyPassMatch that incorporated both patterns? I presume there's a use case for this, but
it seems that it would add an unwanted additional layer of complexity. Is this something we
want to encourage by documenting it?

You would use ProxyPassMatch inside a LocationMatch because you want to proxy inside a LocationMatch
and ProxyPass doesn't do it as expected. There aren't two patterns being matched, only one
- the pattern from LocationMatch is used for the inner ProxyPassMatch pattern just like a
Location path would be used for an inner ProxyPass. I spent some time testing to figure this
out for a customer - just thought others could benefit. Improvements to my wording are of
course appreciated.

2) Submit an actual patch to the mailing list
3) Open a ticket in bugzilla.

Perhaps this would be a good time to point out I have a suggested patch at
if someone wouldn't mind applying it :-)

Attempted to apply, but it failed to apply. I'll need to go through and attempt to manually
apply when I have a little more time.

Hm - that's a bummer. Maybe it's because the patch is against trunk, while the bug links are
to 2.2. I should probably create the patch against 2.2 as well...

I'm very sorry that we ignored you. I'm paying more attention now that I was back in May.

BTW, my 5/13 query was about something else entirely (perhaps I'll create a bug). I probably
came across as kvetching just now, which wasn't my intent - it's just context for the discussion
of creating an environment that encourages contribution.

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