Perhaps this could somehow be merged with which I created a while ago?

Kind regards,
Mathijs (Sling@IRC)

2010/6/5 Igor Galić <>

Hey folks,

I just realized that I created this one in good faith:

said my two words on IRC about it, and left it there -
mostly because my (lack of) free time didn't allow me to fill in
the blanks.

I'd like to get some points across on my intentions.

First off: I'm not sending this to users@ because a great mass
of users@ doesn't participate on IRC.

Second: A number people (users) on IRC have given me to understand
that our appearance is not consistent.

Most of those of us who have @op in #httpd, do so because of their
hard-skill and because of their long-time presence -- not exactly
because of their soft-skills (I'm no exception ;)

I would like to put down some, very basic rules, for all of us
to play by -- nicely. I've taken in that wiki-page ##windows
in special, and, of course, FreeNode in general as an example.
But I would like /us/ to put /our/ rules together by which we want
to play (and be played ;).

That's all folks o/~
Igor Galić

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